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They weren't an ordinary dark blue like his own, but a lighter, softer shade that flashed with humor or temper and glowed with warmth when she was relaxed and happy. Despite, the start they'd gotten on the heat of summer, her skin was milky white,satin dusted with rose across her cheekbones.

He knew without touching her that it was as silky and tender all over, as smooth and sweet behind her knee as it was in the curve where her neck and shoulder met. But that was impossible. Not at all. He wasn't supposed to say that!

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Had she ever heard Dr. Wyatt talk about his parents? Wyatt replied quickly. That, coupled with the unmistakable bitterness in his voice, meant only one thing. Wanting to own her own bar was out of the question. After that fight, Jeannie had moved out, lied about her age and learned on the job. While pouring wine, countless men and women poured their hearts out to her.

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Wyatt finished his drink in two long swallows. Wiping her hands, she gave up the pretense of working and leaned against the bar. Robert Wyatt mutter? His charcoal-gray three-piece suit fit him perfectly, as did the shirt with cuff links that tonight looked like sapphires—he favored blues when he dressed. The blue-and orange-striped tie matched the square artfully arranged in his pocket. He made it look good because everything looked good on him, but still. His shoulders drooped and instead of his usual ramrod-straight posture, his head hung forward, just a bit.

When he glanced up at her, she saw the worry lines cut deep across his forehead. He looked like the weight of the world was about to crush him flat. At that, she gave him a look. If you wanted to buy half of Chicago to raise wildebeests, you could. Robert freaking Wyatt.

His mouth opened but unexpectedly, he slammed it shut. Then he was pushing away from the bar, glaring at her as he threw some bills down and turned to go. When he spun, she flinched because he was furious.

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  5. Confusion replaced his anger and he was back at the bar in seconds, staring down at her with something that looked like worry clouding his eyes. She swallowed. She was taller than average, but looking up into his eyes, only a few inches away… He made her feel small at the same time she felt like the only person in his universe.

    Something warm brushed over the top of her hand, sending a jolt of electricity up her arm. Had he touched her?

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    By the time she looked down, Robert was straightening his cuffs. Jeannie stared after him. This was bad. Before she could decide how worried about him she was going to be, her phone buzzed.